Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pain medication for Endometriosis in Canada

I thought that I would write a post about this as I am off to see my doctor to sign off medical paperwork for OHIP for a possible surgery in Atlanta with Dr. Sinervo.

What I think is funny is that in Canada there is little to no excision surgeons to help get any relief from Endo. I had one of the best surgeons operate on me but he refused to operate again because he said the first surgery caused too much damage because of how deep it was and that I didn't have Endo I had "Neuropathic Pain Syndrome" Needless to say I asked Dr. Redwine about this and he said he has never given this diagnoses to any of his patients. So that being said I had no one to operate me that had any kind of skill whatsoever with this disease.

I was sent back to Wasser Pain Management Clinic in Toronto and saw the gynecologist there. To put this as nice as possible, she is a baby delivering doctor who is hopped up on what seems to be 20 red bulls when you talk to her. Nice lady and all but she just didn't have the skill and I went through a year of various medications but none to really help the pain. I know Visanne helped stop the periods but did it stop the pain? No.  I tried Amitriptyline for about 6 months with Visanne as well and that did little to comfort the pain just made me want to sleep.

If you want pain meds you need to end up in the ER but even then it is not like you can ask for anything because you end up looking like some drug addict. They make you feel bad for being in pain with a disease you never asked to have to begin with and because of their lack of education in this country and pretty much worldwide we are made to suffer endlessly for no reason. What a cruel joke.

I suffered for 14 yrs before being diagnosed so I know I can handle the pain for the most part and since my first surgery in 2007 I did have tremendous relief when the recto-vaginal cyst was removed however there are times I am in pain and no its not everyday like it used to be but its a couple of times a month since I am still on the Continuous BCP. So I feel that I am in a good place but there are days when the pain is so unreal and I have to suffer for no reason.

I plan to talk to my doctor today but as she has said "She knows nothing about Endo" so not sure how the heck she will even help me with pain relief. She is a nice doctor but is all about the natural ways of healing. Well I can tell you this, I am not healing and I am not even close to menopause so why is she making me suffer? I think for the most part in Canada there have been some major changes to pain relief for anyone so if I had a problem before you can most guarantee that I will have trouble now.

Is your doctor on the same page as you when it comes to Endo? Does she/he give you the relief you need?

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