Monday, September 2, 2013

Great Endometriosis Books

I have come across some very interesting books that I would like to share to my Endosisters. I have 3 that have been so helpful on my Journey.

The first book I bought was when I first found out I had Endo and it helped with certain things I just didn't understand. I still have this book to this day and read it every now and then.

This second book I got most recently as someone told me about it and it was highly recommended by various Endosisters on Twitter. Its called "Stop Endometriosis & Pelvic Pain written by Dr. Cooke. this book is wonderful and there is a page which I will post so you can get an idea of how amazing it is. 

 Little blurb

The third book I bought, well I didn't buy it I got it from my mom for my birthday this year, however I have yet to read it. I know its a great book as it is written by Dr. Redwine, but I will update more info once I have had the chance to actually sit down and read :)

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