Thursday, March 12, 2015

Menopause & Heart Disease

It is a well known fact that women who have surgical menopause are at a higher risk in developing heart disease. 

Almost everyone on my dad's side have/had heart disease so yes this is something that concerns me greatly because I used to smoke and only quit two months ago (still better than nothing for sure), I lost all feeling in my arms for 3 months and the testing was too late to say what caused it. I still don't feel right since that happened and I am fearing that it's signs of a stroke or heart attack. My upper body feels inflamed, that is the best way I can explain what it feels like. I have never felt this before so I am not sure if it is from surgical menopause or my arteries. It is a truly scary thing to go through. I never thought of this before my hysterectomy to be quiet honest. I understood it put me at greater risk for cardiovascular disease, early dementia and mental health issues but for some reason I didn't even think it would happen to me.

I can't say 100% at this moment if my hysterectomy was right for me because I really am unsure of what is going on but as an advocate and a warrior I will continue to update any changes to help others in the future. 

Has anyone felt what I am feeling at the moment?

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  1. I am sorry you have to go through all this. I guess my endo symptoms are not as bad as yours but I did end up having an emergency surgery three months ago after suffering from severe pain and exhaustion for a full month and was only told to take visanne and wait for it to help. Then one day I just decided to go to the emergency as I couldn't take it anymore and just wanted them to cut me open and see what is going on and do something about it. I am so lucky I did as what they if diagnosed an endo cyst on my ovary turned out to be a 9 CN abscess full of puss waiting to explode. If I had waited a few more days I probably would have died of blood poisoning I was told. I am still alive now and having a hysterectomy in a month. They will have to remove both ovaries and parts of the vowels due to the adhesions that were seen during the past surgery which were the cause of the infection most likely. Can you please tell me what you went through when you had surgical menopause. I am only 37 and am terrified of the changes I will have to go through. I am happy I will be done with the endo pain I had lived with for 20 years but still, at least that was familiar and am now worried about the unknown.