Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Parametrial Endometriosis Surgery & Sacral Nerve Entrapment

Photo Credit  IFEM Endo

I can't believe it has been so long since I last posted. I always feel like they are going to take down my blog due to inactivity but they haven't. 

I am a little late posting about my surgery October 2019 for Parametrial Endometriosis & Sacral Nerve Entrapment. I have to say this was a very painful surgery with so many complications that are still affecting me today. I am not sure what I was expecting exactly but not at all what ended up happening. 

Before my surgery during pre-op I had told the anesthesiologist that I have a high pain tolerance and I need stronger meds than what are usually given. In fact I have said this before every surgery and it never happens and it happened once again. Upon awakening I was in severe pain and I am asking about my friend who came with me and I was told she left. I was really confused as to why she would do as well as taking my cell phone with her. I started to panic because I was alone and asked for the phone and had to ask for my emergency contact telephone number because as all of you know we don't really remember phone numbers anymore. I end up getting ahold of her and she said that they were closing down the waiting room and it still showed me in surgery on the screen. She was nervous about going to the underground parking so she left. I was pretty annoyed but whatever. She told me she did talk to the resident because she was asking what was going on and why it was taking longer than the time allotted. My surgery was already delayed by 2 hours due to complications with the patient prior. The surgery was supposed to be 3 hrs max but ended up being 6. She told me that they found a huge endometrioma on my bladder and that they nicked my ureter and had to wait an hour for a urologist to come in to tell them to stitch it or put a stent in. This is really weird due to the fact that the surgeon is a Urogynaecologist . There were so many question and I didn't get answers until the next day. I told the nurse that I was in severe pain. I have a drain bag and a catheter filled with blood and considering the surgery was so extensive they just told me they don't give opiods. These doctors don't seem to understand that opiods are important when it comes to healing from surgery and that is something they should know. 

I started writing this in 2019 and I will just pick up where I left off in another post.