Saturday, February 22, 2014

Today is a new day

It has been around 2 weeks that I have been off work and I have to say the weight lifted off my shoulders has been amazing.

We all live in this world of chaos and we never really stop to think about what is really around us. I missed so many things and lived in misery at a job that did nothing for me but break me down.

I am meant to help people and that is my calling. I am not sure what I am going to do but I know it will be a job with a purpose and meaning.

Yes, life seems to revolve around money but busting my butt for almost 10 yrs. made me feel nothing and I did it all for my daughter no one else. Being a single mother is hard enough and I didn't want her to do without so she was my drive. Now that I don't need to make as much I can honestly look into places that will make me happy and feel fulfilled at the end of the day not bitter and deflated.

My goal right now? Well I know for sure my stress is going down each day and the more positive I am the happier I am. My goal is to still help people I am just not sure how that is going to make money as of yet :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My life now

Well its been a while since I posted and a lot has happened. I can't say much other than I lost my job of almost 10 yrs. As much as it saddens me and upsets me I am so much better off out of there. I struggled a lot the last couple of years with my health and didn't have enough days for appointments and most of the time I had to take the days unpaid. It is definitely hard keeping a job when you suffer chronic pain on a daily basis, being on meds that have so many side effects and the mental toll it plays on you on top of all the stress of a daily basis.

I sometimes wonder what my future is going to be like but I know that I need less stress and I do not want to be in management. My ideal job is helping others but I need to find a way to do that and make an income.

I was a single mother for 7 yrs and I worked so hard even though I was so sick and I feel at this time I am meant to spent this time with my daughter for all the years I missed because of work and being sick. I am not even sure how I made it this far in my life with multiple diseases but I did and I have faith that there is something so much better out there for me where I can make a difference.

So today I am finally free and learning to cope. I was recently diagnosed with Complex PTSD which makes so much sense and I am working on breaking free from all the trauma and abuse in my life. I am here because someone feels that I have a lot to offer in this world and I truly believe that. So for now I will continue to help people that are struggling with suicidal thoughts from chronic illness, support them the best I can until I can figure out what I am going to do with my life.

Thank you for all the support from the social media community you have all played a big part of my life and the support I have needed for a very long time.

The Faces of Endo Part III

This was the final 3rd big collage and to be honest glad this part has come to an end as it has been a long process collecting all these pictures :)

I want to thank everyone who participated in making this happen it has been a real eye opener for me and for many on how many are impacted by this disabling disease. Some are lucky and go on to live normal lives and in no pain while others suffer almost daily/monthly.

The March is less than a month away and I really do feel that we will be heard. Many changes need to happen for all of us, including proper care from doctors and surgeons as well as workplaces that understand the appointments, meds and surgeries that need to happen and overall health of their employees.

We need proper care, treatment and support on all levels but that isn't happening to most of us. We suffer in silence and when we do try to talk about it we are brushed aside mostly because its a taboo disease and people don't really care.

Lets make that change on March 13th :)