Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Faces of Endo Part III

This was the final 3rd big collage and to be honest glad this part has come to an end as it has been a long process collecting all these pictures :)

I want to thank everyone who participated in making this happen it has been a real eye opener for me and for many on how many are impacted by this disabling disease. Some are lucky and go on to live normal lives and in no pain while others suffer almost daily/monthly.

The March is less than a month away and I really do feel that we will be heard. Many changes need to happen for all of us, including proper care from doctors and surgeons as well as workplaces that understand the appointments, meds and surgeries that need to happen and overall health of their employees.

We need proper care, treatment and support on all levels but that isn't happening to most of us. We suffer in silence and when we do try to talk about it we are brushed aside mostly because its a taboo disease and people don't really care.

Lets make that change on March 13th :)

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