Saturday, February 22, 2014

Today is a new day

It has been around 2 weeks that I have been off work and I have to say the weight lifted off my shoulders has been amazing.

We all live in this world of chaos and we never really stop to think about what is really around us. I missed so many things and lived in misery at a job that did nothing for me but break me down.

I am meant to help people and that is my calling. I am not sure what I am going to do but I know it will be a job with a purpose and meaning.

Yes, life seems to revolve around money but busting my butt for almost 10 yrs. made me feel nothing and I did it all for my daughter no one else. Being a single mother is hard enough and I didn't want her to do without so she was my drive. Now that I don't need to make as much I can honestly look into places that will make me happy and feel fulfilled at the end of the day not bitter and deflated.

My goal right now? Well I know for sure my stress is going down each day and the more positive I am the happier I am. My goal is to still help people I am just not sure how that is going to make money as of yet :)

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