Friday, May 1, 2015

Worse off having Endometriosis surgery in the first place?

Is this a thought that you have pondered some time since having surgery for Endometriosis? We always here that the "Gold Standard" is the best way to treat it but at what cost? What have you lost or what has changed since making that choice to have your first Endo surgery? This is something that I think about a lot. I suffered greatly long before the internet and I did have Stage IV (DIE) with Rectovaginal and bladder disease and I still question if I made the right choice after all this time.

For me I went to over 40+ doctors in a 14 yr time frame undergoing hundreds and hundreds of tests, appointments, exams etc. I suffered greatly in the hands the of the medical care system but how were they to know when they couldn't see anything. For me my first surgery was for answers. I couldn't handle another doctor saying to me that he didn't know and to go along and just try this anti-depressant this time....

Before surgery I was around 135-140 (Now 165) and I had chronic nausea for 2 yrs and couldn't go in the sun, reflux which made it hard to eat or drink anything along with migraines lasting over 100 hours which would end me up in the ER each time as nothing could help stop the pain and those started at 14. The rectal pain I would get wasn't just on my "Ladies days" it was at any given time and they would come out of no where. Days before my period I would evacuate my bowels which felt nice as I was always constipated and in pain because of it however that nice feeling didn't last long because as soon as the blood came so did the numbness, pain, vomiting and constipation again. It wasn't until the 7th day or so that I could have a bowel movement and then the pain would subside and same with the symptoms. The bladder issues I chalked up to child birth as it seemed to get worse when I was pregnant. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at 17 yrs old and I always felt that I didn't have it and kept pursuing answers that would make sense.

Where would I be right now if I had done nothing and left it? I am pretty confused because I we are damned if we do and damned if we don't. We just end up with a different set of problems which some times end up worse than the original pain to begin with. If I am honest I can't even remember my endo pain anymore. I know it was brutal and I know that I suffered a lot but some days I wish I had that life back and some days I don't. It really is unfair.

What do you think? Do you think you should have just left it? Do you think it has made things worse? When will we be able to detect this disease before being opened up and also be able to manage the Endo without being cut open?

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