Thursday, March 12, 2015

Menopause & Heart Disease

It is a well known fact that women who have surgical menopause are at a higher risk in developing heart disease. 

Almost everyone on my dad's side have/had heart disease so yes this is something that concerns me greatly because I used to smoke and only quit two months ago (still better than nothing for sure), I lost all feeling in my arms for 3 months and the testing was too late to say what caused it. I still don't feel right since that happened and I am fearing that it's signs of a stroke or heart attack. My upper body feels inflamed, that is the best way I can explain what it feels like. I have never felt this before so I am not sure if it is from surgical menopause or my arteries. It is a truly scary thing to go through. I never thought of this before my hysterectomy to be quiet honest. I understood it put me at greater risk for cardiovascular disease, early dementia and mental health issues but for some reason I didn't even think it would happen to me.

I can't say 100% at this moment if my hysterectomy was right for me because I really am unsure of what is going on but as an advocate and a warrior I will continue to update any changes to help others in the future. 

Has anyone felt what I am feeling at the moment?