Endometriosis Facts

Sometimes its hard to tell fact from fiction when it comes to Endometriosis because most doctors and surgeons have no idea how treat, operate or even have the basic understanding of this disease. Through my years and years of research I have compiled a lot of important information that every Endosister needs to know, even women who have yet to be diagnosed officially. About 90% of my information is from Dr. Redwine himself a 30 yr retired veteran of this disease. Since he has retired I have been able to pick his brain about certain matters that I needed clarified. Here is what I have compiled so far.

FACT #1- The only way to diagnose Endometriosis is through an exploratory laparoscopic surgery.

FACT# 2- An Endometrioma is an indicator of moderate to severe Endometriosis but not all women will have this.

FACT# 3- Fluid in the cul-de-sac is an indicator of Endometriosis but not all women will have this. 

FACT# 4- There is no such thing as Stage 5 Endometriosis.

FACT# 5- No medication or diet will suppressed Endometriosis it is only used to stop ovulation and periods and hopefully therefore stop the pain.

FACT#6- Using a laser can cause carbon residue to be left behind which in turn can act like a splinter.

FACT#7- Endometriosis is NOT an autoimmune disease.

FACT#8- The Mirena coil or any other IUD does not cause Endometriosis. 

FACT#9- Coming off the pill before a surgery is sometimes beneficial when the surgeon is not an Endo specialist as the lesions somewhat hides themselves when on the pill. An experienced Endo surgeon knows Endo even if you are on the pill or not.

FACT#10- If Endometriosis is excised completely without leaving any behind recurrence rates are as low as 7-18% where as laser is 40-60% within the first year. However there are just not enough surgeons that know how to remove Endometriosis completely and the chances of women having this success rate that great is slim to none. Also Ovarian disease is different so even if it is excised an endometrioma can grow back. Please click here to read Dr. Redwine's post on his Endopaedia site. (More info from the CEC to be updated shortly)