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What is #AWISHNOTED? For those new to the game, “awishnoted” is an anagram for “What is Endo?” Click here to access our online wall of wishes–double click on the background and write your wish. It can be anything from a wish for change to a daily description of your life with endo. It can be anonymous, or you can write in your first name. It’s your space to do with what you choose.

**Please note #awishnoted is a copywrited TENC program, and though we are extremely happy to have endofamily members from outside of Canada join in, please only send wishes to the email address awishnoted@endometriosisnetwork.ca****

Today was the first Worldwide Endometriosis awareness March and boy was it cold. It was around 25-30 below zero and were freezing our Canadian butts off while looking at tweets from Jamaica while they looked so warm LOL.. I think all in all it was a successful day and a stepping stone to what will come in the years ahead.

For me #awishnoted was the best part about the Canadian March. We had a wall of wishes from all over the world from Endo suffers, Family, Friends and even a Top Canadian Surgeon.

                                                                     Here was my wish 2014

Today we let our voices be heard. It was the first year but not the last and we are going to get louder every year from now and it only excites me more about the years to come :) 

I am proud of each and everyone that came out or virtual marched. We rocked!!


My 2016 Wish

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