Monday, September 9, 2013

If you don't understand my illnesses please keep your mouth shut.

During the last 23 yrs of battling one Chronic illness after another I have gotten to the point that I want to tell people to shut up more and more. 

My point is, if you don't understand the disease ask! It is that simple. If you do ask, don't preach about all the things that can be done to cure me because I seriously at this point might punch someone in the throat. 

My disease can not be 100% cured, there is a possibility of having less pain with excision however I still need to be on the Birth Control Pill every single day, at the same time until I hit menopause. 

I have a friend who made a comment on my Facebook page that got me right pissed off and I mean, are you serious? How much more can I advocate and give people facts for them to still make these stupid comments? 

Here was my post:

"After 23 yrs battling this disease I have learned that the Canadian Health Care system really sucks ASS!! They are willing to send you to test after test and push all these drugs without even listening to the patient for one second. All I can say is that I am glad I am in the hands of the #CenterForEndometriosisCare The respect they have given me in the last month during this process, the emails, the phone calls and the reassurance that they are fighting for me seriously makes me want to fall to my knees and cry. Dr. Sinervo, Heather and his team are amazing and they listen and empathize at what us Endometriosis sufferers go through and want to help. It is so sad that the Canadian Health Care system is so crap. They need to take a tip from this organization and learn what is needed for this disease. Either way I am getting my surgery done there if they like it or not and they WILL pay for it. That I can guarantee"

This is the response that has me: 

"That's simply called western medicine my dear. You should seek a homeopath or natural path"

When someone says something like this I get so upset thinking "Are you kidding me? How many times can I explain this illness to people and still get these comments back?"

Some people will listen and those are usually people that are empathetic that are dealing with or have dealt with something similar and they understand what they needed to hear so they try to listen and say encouraging things and that is what is important. If you know nothing about a disease then you have no right to even open your mouth period. 

I find that people that haven't suffered are the ones that make these comments and it's those people that make people like me suffer more because all I want people do do is listen and educate themselves and understand that I am not a lazy person, that I am ill and that not every day is going to be a good day. I want understanding. I want them to know that their daughter, granddaughter or friend could have this and its time that people get educated on a disease that effects millions of women world wide. We need to be heard and more awareness needs to be done in order for us to see change. 

What comments or advice have people given you that makes you angry? 

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