Monday, September 23, 2013

Marvelon 21 & Endometriosis

I thought that I would write about what method works for me when it comes to Endometriosis. Before I was diagnosed with Endometriosis I was having severe migraines some lasting for over 100 hrs and I would end up in the ER to treat it because if my migraines were not caught before it was about to happen nothing would work. I was diagnosed with Aura Migraines at 15, Cluster Migraines at 24 and Complicated migraines at 27. The reason I am mentioning this when talking about the pill is that usually if you suffer from migraines you shouldn't be on the pill, but from the first week I started to take this med my hormones started to regulate and I no longer had migraines. I have been on the pill since 2007 and have only had 1 full blown migraine and one that I stopped before it came full force. For me I assume my migraines were always brought on by hormones, maybe that is why they could never figure it out and nothing would show up on MRI's or CT scans.

So other than it working so well for me when it comes to migraines it cleared up my face, chest, back and neck which I always had bumps all over and some pimples. Mostly they were these weird bumps.

However because I didn't realize I had Endo and I only started this 3 months before my first surgery it didn't help stop my periods however I did stay on it. After surgery I was put on Lupron for 3 months then back on the pill. I have continuously taken it for 7 yrs and it works so well for me. No periods, no pain, but as soon as I come off it, watch out!!! I know that I will end up having to be on this until menopause and I don't like that aspect of it but what can I do? There was 2 yrs where I didn't even get the regular 3 month breakthrough bleed, I had nothing for 2 entire years it was fantastic!! Even now when I think of blood and using tampons or pads I get completely disgusted thinking about it.

I wish this pill worked for everyone as well as it works for me but I guess its all about trial and error.

What do you use? Do you have any long term side effects from the continuous BCP?


  1. I used to take marvelon some decades ago!!!! It helped me with my endo some years, until appear mercilon and then yasmin (yasmin was the best for me until my doctor suspended it for my other medical circumstances). Some months ago I started to take gynovin (the blue box) and it was a good experience until a polyp appeared. So now I'm not taking anything. Hope can be better now.