Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Many Thanks to Dr. Redwine

At least for the last 7 yrs I have researched my face off trying to get to the facts of Endometriosis. I have heard so many wild stories such as; Getting pregnant will cure Endometriosis, Surgery will cure Endometriosis, Mirena causes Endometriosis, that there was this so called Stage 5 Endometriosis, that diet, herbal supplements, and Lupron will stop the lesions to grow.

I was not only getting this information online but actual doctors and surgeons and I am the type of person that wants to know everything and since I went 14 yrs undiagnosed I was going to find out the facts so that I could help others and hopefully they will not have to suffer as long as I did.

This man is my Hero in all sense of the word. He gives you the information straight no sugar coating it and since he has researched and documented from over 3000 surgeries for the last 30 yrs I really think its safe to say that whatever this man says about this disease is FACT.

I thought I had most of the facts from researching but there were a couple that stumped me so when I heard he retired and I found him on Facebook answering questions it made me so excited!! I really was. I know that sounds weird but I am a huge fan of his.

So I threw out all the questions that would come up in mind or that others wanted answers on and on this part of my blog http://endendoforever.blogspot.ca/p/endometriosis-facts.html  You will see some of the questions asked. He is quite the funny man if you ask me :)

Sad to say though that someone alerted Facebook and had his Facebook site shut down for no reason. He did nothing wrong. This one act of one person could have shut the doors on a walking information source that could change the lives of many women and to educate the doctors that still are behind the times when trying to treat their patients with this disease. He said he won't be back on there as he was hurt I think and why shouldn't he be? He is retired and he spends his retirement helping people like me in pain and gives us the facts so that we can get the help.

If anything this man needs some kind of humanitarian award for all the work he has done for us women when the medical field blatantly turns their back to us and refuses to help us with meds, surgeries and information.

So from all the Endosisters around the world THANK YOU!

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