Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rejection #2 for out of country surgery.

I was so saddened to pick up the phone this morning to hear some young female government worker talk to me like I was some piece of trash. She told me my case was rejected and pretty much said " You sent this information again without an Ontario Specialist signing off so its DENIED AGAIN!" in a snotty ass tone.

I am not an idiot. I understand that I need an "Ontario Specialist" to sign off on this but we don't have many here in Ontario and the one that operated on me will not write it, that I can guarantee. Dr. Sinervo was trained by this doctor so now that puts him in the hot seat with OHIP, like hell he is going to do anything to support us females with this disease.

The one thing that bothers me the most about this doctor is that when there was an article about this female that went to Dr. Sinervo for surgery because there was an 8 month wait for an appointment with him and another 8 month wait for surgery he pretty much through all of us Endo sufferers under the bus by saying its not a life or death disease!

Actually yes sometimes it is, when it comes to renal failure, bowel obstructions etc. We have lost the quality of life, is that not important at all? Most women have lost their jobs due to the disease itself as there are so many symptoms or it has effected their jobs and are being punished for either taking too much time off for appointments, surgeries, and for being in chronic pain. Some have even lost their jobs. I am just lucky I have 18 vacation days and that I have been with this company for a long time. It helps when I need those days off. However I can't even talk about this disease to anyone at my work higher up as they are all men. And when I have tried the conversation always makes the man feel uncomfortable and I feel ashamed. So unfair.

So here I am with no surgeon, in pain with so many complications and no one to help me. I pay taxes for my health care and I go to work every single day and bust my but in pain or not and the government refuses to even listen. Now is the appeal process. This ought to really drain me on top of everything else going on in my life.

I am sad today. I am sad that I live in a country where you pay for healthcare and yet you don't get the skilled surgeons to help you. I am sad that this disease is so hush hush because its gynecological and God forbid we talk about vaginas, blood, uteruses, bowel movements etc. Well hey this has been my prison and its how I cope and survive. How do you even make it through the day knowing that no one can help you and your own country who has this choice to say yes or no refuses. UNREAL!!

Heather from CEC in Atlanta has been amazing and I want to give her a shout out because she has been with  me every step of the way and if I am mad she is double mad. She understands the pain she gets it, she knows what we go through. She is amazing.

Hear is hoping my appeal process doesn't cause me more stress, depression etc because that would just cause a major flare for me and I don't think that I could handle one right now.


  1. I have gone through the same process, I did manage to get my Specialist to write a letter to Manitoba Health, but he didnt do so until I threatened to come down to his office and sit in the middle of the waiting room and not move until he writes them a letter regarding surgery with Dr. Sinervo. You see he felt threatened that he wasnt good enough. well he wasnt good enough. I then got my approval and had surgery with Dr. Sinervo, he is awesome! so is Heather! I can offer this advice, it doesnt have to be a letter from your Gyno, what about your Specialist at the pain clinic? Unfortunately you do have to follow the rules, its so stupid. Also when I had my Gyno write the letter, apparently if I wanted someone to accompany me my Dr. had to say so in the letter if I needed someone to look after me for travel, so he did, and both me and my husbands airfare was covered. I have since gone through the process again, this time to Toronto to see another Specialist and my pain clinic specialist referred me. Just a thought, maybe you can try that route...good luck to you...I know how frustrating it is....
    Sharon and Endo Sister

  2. Thank you. My best chance is the doctor at the pain clinic as she specifically said it couldn't be done laparoscopically. However I have no vacation days left and I have to wait until January. Who paid the airfare?