Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hospital ER Treatment and Endo

I feel that I need to discuss this as I was really bothered when I heard another Endosister tell me that an ER doctor told her he was going to call the cops if she came back to the ER again because he felt she was a drug seeker.

When she told me this I wanted to cry for her, for the injustice and for all the crap that we as Endosisters go through everyday with this disease.

We should have no problem going to the ER but in fact it is very well known that we are treated as drug seekers or they have no clue what Endometriosis is to begin with.

According to an article I received from the CEC Endometriosis remains the 3rd leading cause of gynecologic hospitalization in the USA so that being said why on earth are these ER doctors not being updated with the facts and knowledge about this disease?

I dread the hospital I go to however the one ER doctor is pretty nice and understands more than I thought he would however if I go on a day he isn't there I better just pack up and leave because I am only going to be treated like some drug seeker.

When will we be treated like normal human beings?

We have no GP's that understand the disease, most Gyno's want to push Lupron or some other drug of choice but nothing to help with the pain. There are limited doctors around the world that can properly excise this disease and most of those surgeons at some point will retire then what?? What will we do then?

I can't understand in this day in age that this disease is still considered "taboo" Give me a break already.

I know for me no matter what I am advocating for this disease until I die, until there is change and until we are heard and treated with the dignity we deserve.


  1. I've been given stillpain a few times and told 'its just period pains get over it'. I dread the ER. Now I get a Dr friend to prescribe me some very strong painkillers because I will not be humiliated at the hospital.

  2. I am sorry that you have gone through this. It gets really tiring to have to be put through such treatment when we indeed are suffering to a great degree. I am glad you found a source to help you.