Monday, October 21, 2013

OHIP Turns a blind eye to suffering

I wanted to write about an article that I had read not too long ago and since I am in the process of fighting for out of country surgery it would be good to talk about.

Here is the link

The same surgeon who is being scrutinized is the surgeon that operated on me in 2007. He refused to operate on me and wasted my time for at least 2 yrs and put me on Lupron saying that if the fluid in the cul-de-sac went away it was Endo and he would operate. Well I went back to him after the 3 months of hell and he didn't do an internal ultrasound just told me it wasn't Endo because I was having pain still. He is ridiculous. He also knew that I was going to the Wasser Pain clinic and told me the surgeon there was good and that he trained her and if she agreed to do it then he would do it. Does that even make sense to anyone? So I wasted 2 yrs taking days off work to go to these appointments only to be told I had Neuropathic Pain Syndrome not Endo and sent me off to a baby doctor who botched my surgery.

That being said I am not going to get a referral from this surgeon as the article says "Only one specialist held an open door to her care, a Canadian schooled almost entirely in Ontario. But Dr. Ken Sinervo had committed a Cardinal sin as far as OHIP was concerned -- he offered life-changing surgery outside the country in Atlanta, Georgia."

How is giving the patient the best care a Cardinal sin? When will Canada wake up and realize that we do not have the surgeons available to even come close to providing quality of life?

I am filing my appeal today so we will see how this goes. It doesn't look promising and it becomes more depressing as I think about how my future will be. I have the top surgeon who won't operate, another who botched my surgery and said it was too complicated and closed up and now I am left with no one, how is that fair?

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