Friday, April 22, 2016

Endowhat Premiere Toronto

I have been anticipating this event for months and it finally came.

I remember being in middle/high school and always having to watch these sex education movies and thinking even at that time they were so out of date (literally made in the 70's). I felt so proud to be sitting there in the audience experiencing history being made.. just saying that is giving me chills as we speak. From the moment it started I was in tears. I was just so happy that after all this time finally we had something to use as a tool for education. 

The part I love about this movie and its purpose is below and what their plan is going to be. This is huge!! This means that finally people will get the most up to date educational information since.....  the "Sampson theory" (1920) So this is why I am so excited about it.

Shannon Cohn did an amazing job with this movie and gathered a lot of big players out there in the Endo world. I was so happy to see familiar faces on the screen because it made it real for me. 

My mother and sister came out and it was the first time they had ever come to an Endo event. Needless to say my blog has been my venting place as I didn't have support the last 25 yrs living with this disease. They finally got to see what have been living with and for the first time in my life I feel validation because I truly believe my mother had no idea that it was this bad and feels horrible for not being there all these years and me suffering alone. 

So Shannon thanks for making it a night I will never forget. 

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