Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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I consider myself a very powerful female in a society that still sees women as the weaker sex,  housewives, baby makers and also very submissive. It is hard to voice your opinion being a female in a man's world. Women have had to overcome many obstacles for the generations next to come and I thank all the women before me that have helped push equal rights for women. Yes we have come a long way but after watching "THE UNTOLD STORY OF AMERICAN SUPER HEROINES" as well as " MISS REPRESENTATION" I realize that women may always be seen as sex figures with no power. 

I am saddened to see this as I am a type of person who questions everything and I believe in justice. I wouldn't say I am too opinionated about much however growing up in a home where women were view less equal only made me stronger and gave me the power within to make change. I am one person however though social media I have been lucky enough to find so many powerful women out there that I am proud to call friends. The reality is that women are the stronger sex and it scares men. I think sometimes Women's lib started to build a generation of lazy men who sit at home and expect the women to be the parent, the wife, the friend, the bread winner etc. It isn't like we are making more money but more jobs are opened to females now than before so I feel that men have taken a back seat and to me this is scary. I believe in equality and I believe the best person gets the job not the colour of your skin, religion, sex etc. The best gets the job but that isn't happening anymore and I truly believe women are so worn down by having to work so hard when the generations before women stayed home. 

Me being a chronic pain sufferer as much as I hate the notion of being the woman who stays home I would gladly take that option right now as I know even doing this I can still be empowered as I have a husband who knows the power of my soul and he knows I can't be stopped. I think who you are married to and who you are friends with definitely play a key role on how to live the life of a true life "super-heroine" 

I can see my traits in my daughter and I know it will help her but also hinder her in her future. My daughter is a lot like me which in turn could be a good thing but it also can be a bad thing. I let her dream big and I don't shatter her dreams like mine were as a child. She tells me she wants to be a designer of gymnastics apparel and you know what, I can see it happening and even if I didn't why destroy a dream that seems so real to her? She has the power to be anyone she wants to and I know that she will do it well. 

Sometimes having this power brings on depression, which it has for me but I suppose a lot of that has to do with medical issues my entire life as well as rejection. I have had to fight for everything I have in my life including my health and I am tired as I have done 80% of it alone. Sometimes being a Super-heroine is so tiring and at times you feel like you should dumb yourself down to please others.. But I will never do that. 

I don't see the strong person in me that other people see but I must be if a lot of people say that. I have been through hell and back and I am here ready for the next door to open. 

To all my Super-Heroine women I have had the pleasure to know in my life I thank you for showing me how strong you are as it helps me to continue this fight. You are all amazing and I am in awe of how amazing and strong you are. :) 

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