Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dr. Seckin & Dr. Drew

Click the picture for the link of the podcast with Dr. Drew & Dr. Seckin

I have tried to see both sides of what happened but it is very hard when Dr. Drew himself seems like he is denial in what happened. Yes, Endo sufferers all over the world jumped on this because we all see what he did. Right from the beginning the gentleman on the phone stated her diagnoses as Endo, IC and no stomach lining which I understand could possible be gastritis. Dr. Drew called the caller "anxious" he was not anxious whatsoever, I think the rest of his question if he was allowed to even ask it was "It hurts her to have sex". Dr. Drew spoke out when he has no idea about this disease and now that he is afraid to lose his job he is trying to make it look like he cares but the entire time he is talking he is defending his actions. Good Lord.

The girl most likely has a diagnoses for Endo, IC and Gastritis however Dr. Drew continues to claim that she doesn't.. Is he her doctor? Did he ask her? Also he said she was severely abused... umm looks like the boyfriend cut off Dr. Drew to say something about abuse but never said severe and when Dr. Drew said childhood the boyfriend said recently.

For me the news of Endometriosis getting out there is the most important and the fact that Dr. Drew of all people opened this can of worms has helped us huge. It seems to me however that Dr. Drew cares about himself and only himself. He really doesn't care about anyone, the fact that he is doing this I think is because his PR or the network told him to. He seems so harsh and mean and I can't believe at one point I actually liked this guy. I always watched Celebrity rehab because I care about people but it seems to me its all about the money for him and not who is suffering.

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