Monday, December 14, 2015

How long does surgical menopause last?

I haven't written in a long time and it is mostly because I have no idea what is happening to me. I just don't feel normal and I am not sure why. Yes I still have hot flashes but the Cymbalta definitely helps to lessen them as well as helps my bladder spasms. 

Here is the thing.. My nose, ears and mouth are completely dried up. My eyes perfectly fine and many tests that I have had came back negative for ANA/RA so no Sjogren’s syndrome, so I am completely confused and living in utter hell at the moment I would say. My inner ears are so itchy and sometimes its white and flaky which has never happened before. The other day I did notice almost a red ting to the ear wax. My mouth on the other hand, wow it just never ending thirst. I drink at least 4 liters of water a day and I just can't quench my thirst. I started to develop "Burning mouth syndrome" which I thought was from upping the Cymbalta but now I don't know what it is from. My nose has been dry the longest. It started when I was on the continuous BCP 2008 and it has never gone away. I have tried so many things and at one point I was told it was a tiny cyst and that was removed and now its the other nostril but it just seems dry and my nose NEVER runs even if I have cold.  

I have yet to take HRT because everything else is fine, I think. I am 38 and my hysterectomy was May 2014 so that is coming up to 2 yrs. I am utterly confused about this subject. I know that I am young and that I already have mild osteo in my jaw but am I setting myself up for more problems if I take it? My worry is heart disease mostly because it runs in my family and I have been having a lot of heart issues with anxiety which I truly think was brought on in 2007 when I was put on Lupron. I didn't think of it until now and it scares me to go on anything else which could increase my risk.

Seriously though, when does this end... When?  

If anyone has any suggestions or is going through the same thing I would be more than happy to hear from you :)

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  1. Hi. Just wondering if it's worth you speaking to your doctor again re HRT? Dryness strongly associated with low oestrogen +/- testosterone in surgical menopause. You say you're worried re heart disease but the evidence out there now is that it's actually protective if started within 10 years post menopause and if you're in early/premature menopause. Also, oestrogen may help anxiety & will help protect against further osteoporosis. I'm a medic in surgical menopause myself (I'm 37) with a history of endometriosis & severe PMS. I wouldn't cope without HRT but I know some women can't take it and I really feel for them. If you can't take it or are dead set against it perhaps consider sea buckthorn oil as a supplement to help the dryness? Really helps some women. Good luck. PS in answer to your question - how long does surgical menopause last? Unfortunately it's forever as we no longer have ovaries. In other women who are not in surgical menopause the ovaries continue to produce small amounts of hormones throughout life post menopause. Surgical menopause is a chronic state, although I live in hope that things even out a bit for us at some point. I suspect I'll be on HRT for life though.