Monday, July 21, 2014

10 weeks post Hysterectomy

So I thought I would document what has been going on since my hysterectomy since many women look for the pros and cons of having one. I will mention again that I had mine for closure. That being said I should say some weird things have happened since the surgery. 

  • Wrinkles. UGH! I can't believe it I look all wrinkly all of the sudden. My face and toes are mostly effected but to me I looked so aged unless I just never noticed it before LOL.
  • Black Eyes. What is up with that? I look in the mirror and all I see are bags and blackness. I mean if I didn't put on mascara and eye liner I would look like I am near death.
  • Urination. Well this one was a problem before but it seems as though I still have not regained the strength to stop urine from coming out after I am done. I could walk around for like 5 mins then more comes out and I can't stop it. It drives me insane. My bladder is already damaged and I have experienced this before so I am assuming it will be something here to stay but time will tell.
  • Bowel Movements. It took me around 6 days to have my first one after surgery and that was with stool softeners and lax-a-day. Now I can tell the difference with what was bowel pain and what was uterine which makes it easier to deal with. I am still constipated but not as bad but still get pain not so severe and thank God the rectal pain is gone. I am thankful the rectovaginal nodule was removed. 
  • Sex. Well I wish I could say this has gotten better but no can do. The pain is still bad and I am not sure if it is because part of my vagina was removed when the rectovaginal cyst was excised or if it takes time for the vaginal cuff to heal. Time will tell with this as well but all I can say is no way, not any time soon as it is just too painful.
  • Hormones.I must say that I am lucky not to have gotten a lot of the side effects as others have but I do get hot flashes about twice a day. They don't bother me though as I like being hot. The cold flashes I had at first were so unreal. I have never experienced something so crazy cold in my life. I could not get warm if my life depended on it. I am on nothing right now as far as an HRT is concerned as I am still trying to figure out when would be a good time but honestly I just don't want to be on any. I know that probably is not good for my bones or mental state but I wanted to try not taking anything. I do have a new book called Natural HRT which I have been told is the bible to some. 

I was also told this book is good for women that have gone through surgical menopause

  • Dryness. I have become so dry on every level but especially inside my nose. No matter how much Vaseline or Polysporin I put up there it just keeps getting dry. 
  • Depression. I have to say this was the hardest of them all. I finally came off prozac because I feel it was making me worse. I was suicidal with major depression and I couldn't tell what was causing what. I think it will take a while for it to be out of my system but I feel so much better being off it. 

So I think the only thing I did that I shouldn't have done was lift something. At this point I am in a lot of pain. I am hoping it is nothing but its been two days and showing no sign of getting better. I will give it a week if it doesn't improve I will go see my doctor. 

Until next time Spoonies :)

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