Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hysterectomy Post Op Update

It is almost 3 weeks since my total hysterectomy & BSO along with excision of rectovaginal Endo, scar tissue as well as a bladder resection and thought that I should update everyone as to what I am feeling, how I am recovering and most of all do I have closure. 

I have to admit the first 11 days were brutal with the catheter and the pain after from the urethra was not a pleasant feeling either. I still feel some urethral pain when I pee so I am hoping that is just because my body needs time to recover from all that was done. I see my urologist on Friday to update on the med I am taking however I find it weird that he wanted me to start the med a month before my surgery and see him 3 weeks post op. How do I really know what is working? Either way I am not sure if that pill is even helping much and should probably stop taking it and see. 

I am still taking lax-a-day instead of the stool softener more out of fear. I think I will continue for another week then stop. I can only hope there is not sharp rectal pain but time will tell.

I started menopausal symptoms right away however I could be confused about the side effects of the Cipro as some of the symptoms were the same. For the first week I was getting cold flashes. I did not like those one bit and one time while waiting to pick up my daughter I thought I was having an allergic reaction but it was a hot flash and that was scary. Some of my symptoms overlap with Fibro so I can't always be certain what is causing what. I was getting headaches for the most part which I think was because I stopped taking the flexeril for my jaw and must have been clenching down so hard from the pain in my sleep. So I took it last night with a sleeping pill and my jaw is in less pain thank god. I have lost my appetite however it might be that I am busy running around. 

To be honest since the catheter came out I have been running around all over the place trying not to focus on Endometriosis and it has helped. I feel the closure I was looking for mentally. I know I made the right decision and I am happy about that. 

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