Monday, December 23, 2013

The time is now.

So after a long exhausting year with two denials for out of country surgery beneath me I have opened up a gofundme account hoping to raise money for surgery at the CEC. I really can't see me coming up with $12,000 doing it this way but you never know what can happen so I thought now is the time.

I live in a Country where health care is free but what you get what you pay for and it has shown of the last 23 yrs of my life. If you have a straight forward disease you most likely will get the care you need however with a disease like this when we lack the surgeons and tools to even operate you will never get what you need.

I am ashamed to even ask people for money, in fact I thought of doing this earlier but decided against it since I can barely take money from people to begin with let alone a whopping $12,000. UGH!

What has this country come to where you get denied the care that you should deserve and have paid into your entire working career. It makes no sense to me at all. I have emailed my local MP twice, contacted 2 papers and one news network as well as emailing the Ministry of Health to see if something can be done but also to educate on the problem not only this country has with this disease but worldwide. In turn I got zero responses. Its enough to even have a taboo disease like Endometriosis but even worse when you try to explain to people about this gynecological disease. Women in this world are suffering and they have done nothing to help in any way, instead we get doctors who either push heavy drugs or some that don't think the pain is real enough to give you anything. God they treat animals better than us females its sad.

I have no surgeon and my GP knows nothing about Endometriosis. Depression has set in but comes and goes as I try to think positive about it. I can't live in the past of what the medical field has done to me psychologically but I need to push forward to have another surgery done. Even if my pride tells me I shouldn't ask for money. What is someone supposed to do when they have no options left? Any of the other good surgeons which are not even close as being the best like my first one are not accepting any new patients and the ones that are lack the tools and skill to do excision surgery.

It is really scary since my daughter might end up one day with this disease and change needs to come and it needs to come now.

If anyone is interested in donating please feel free but please don't feel obligated to do so.

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