Monday, November 4, 2013

Coming off the continuous BCP after 7 yrs

Every now and then I get fed up and want to come off the pill. I have been on it so long and I don't want any medications in my system, I want to go natural. This has been a fight for me since I have been on them.

For me it is great that I don't get a period, I could care less to ever have one again and that is a plus being on the pill however the main reason I have stayed on it is because my body for some reason can't level its hormones on its own. Between the Progesterone and Estrogen one of them elevates and dominates the other. I used to think I was estrogen dominant since I had Endo but lately I have been thinking its more progesterone because when I was on Visanne which is progesterone only after a month I started to break out in red pimple like spots on my face, neck, back and chest. My breast would start to hurt and become overly sensitive and my mental state would deteriorate. When I come off the pill this happens to me like clockwork after the first month, then I get scared and go back on. I just remember mentally how I used to be before being diagnosed and it was hell. I had no control over my emotions however I want off. My body for some reason needs to feel pregnant.

What I find funny is that a majority of Endo sufferers are the opposite, very sick during pregnancy and deathly ill on the BCP. So why is my body different than the majority? People have migraines on them where for me it stopped them.

I used to suffer from chronic headaches from the age of 10 and migraines from the age of 15. The migraines were so debilitating I would end up in the ER because they would hit me and wake me up from my sleep and nothing I took would help and at first they used to last 24 hrs but the last one was 100+ hrs. Once being on the pill I never had a migraine again so that scares me too.

I want to feel normal again, but I also don't want to feel like this if I come off of it.

Have any of you had the same symptoms as me or were you the complete opposite?

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