Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bye Bye Uterus....

Well I finally got the call, one that I was not expecting for a long period of time due to the delays in Health care in Canada. I expected to have to see the urologist first and have to wait to have tests done, then wait for them to go back to the surgeon then the surgery would be booked. I have anticipated this for 5 yrs and can't believe that on May 9th it will be all taken out.

Nervous is an understatement. I have researched the side effects and the pros and cons of a hysterectomy and I am very aware this is a 50/50 shot a relief and it is possible that I could be worse off later however for me this is a choice that I have made for me and no one else. I know a hyster will not cure Endo, I know the consequences of this type of surgery but I also am ready and have been ready for a long time. This is a choice I am making for me because of all the cervical, Endo, uterus issues I have had as well as possible Adenomyosis. The pain and suffering that I have endured for 23 yrs has gone on long enough and for me this is closure. It is time for me to start my new life and try to move past what Endometriosis has done to my quality of life.

I am petrified of the aftermath of my hormones the most. Will my migraines come back? I have been on the BCP for almost 8 yrs without a period and since doing so I have not gotten one migraine. I am wondering if the side effects will be similar to when  I was on Lupron.

For those who have had a complete hysterectomy how did you feel after? A month later? A year later?

I am only looking for positive feedback as I am fully aware that there are many opposed to a hysterectomy but those who have walked in my shoes completely understand why I am doing it. This isn't an option for me.

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